Why Your Website is Not Getting Found, Part 5: Keywords

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Last week we talked about the starting place for finding keywords for your website. What many people don’t realize is that what you think your keywords should be and what people are actually searching for may not be the same thing.


You may have figured out what the keywords are for your site – they are literally the “key” words that describe what you offer. But if people are not searching for those words or phrases, they won’t bring any traffic to your site. What you need to do is figure out what words or phrases are being searched for that are related to what you offer.


There are many tools available on the web for Keyword research – just google Keyword tools and look for articles that rate or compare the various tools. You’ll most likely find so much information and so many different opinions that you won’t know where to start, so let’s keep it simple.

As a starting place, we recommend Wordtracker.com. There is a 7 day free trial and they have a great “Academy” with simple articles to give you a starting place. Use your free 7 days to get what you need.


1) Take the list of keywords you made for yourself.
2) Plug them in to the right side under “Find keywords that include…”
3) Take the result and click on it to “Search and save for this keyword”. This will start the list you can analyze when you’re done searching.
4) Now plug it into the left side under “Find keywords related to…” and you’ll get more keywords and phrases to analyze. See any that are relevant? Plug them into the right side and save them if they look worthwhile.
5) Look at your list and compare all the entries.

The results that have a high volume of searches may also have a lot of competition, which is not ideal. What you want are the results that are the best balance between high volume and low competition. This is expressed in Wordtracker by the Keyword Effectiveness Index.

Need help doing this? Need help getting your website found? Need help with those other technical factors Google is looking for? That’s what we’re here for. Call us at 646-808-0249 or email me at hello@thirteen.com