Custom Programming/Apps

When our clients need something beyond the ordinary, they depend on us to imagine the solution and execute it.

We build reliable systems with bullet-proof software on top of a user-experience framework designed to make your potential customers into satisfied repeat customers.

And when you need a team to maintain or add new features to your existing system, we're ready to quarterback the effort:

Web apps, mobile apps, ERP integration, personalization, eCommerce customization, database integration and CRM integration and anything else you can imagine.




Brunos Draft Kits was the number one online retailer of fantasy draft boards but was being threatened by competition from two other internet retailers.

21Thirteen Design designed and built a web app that would allow Brunos customers to design their own draft boards, have them printed, and receive them by mail.

The complexity of allowing customers to choose anywhere from 8 to 18 teams and 12 to 39 rounds, choose colors, specify any number of accents and upload logos to the app was matched only by the difficulty of translating all this into a format that could be sent to a printer, and having the process custom priced and integrated with Brunos shopping cart.