Marketing Consultation

"Design without strategy is called ‘art.’ Design with strategy is called ‘marketing.’”

The "battle of the home page" is won or lost by how well you get your audience's attention. Cognitive neuroscience says “attention can be thought of as a clash between an object and its environment”. It’s been proven that if your message evokes an emotional response in someone, the information will likely be retained longer, sink in deeper, and be remembered better.

You can only look at yourself from the inside out. We look at you from the outside in and strategize what your marketing messages should be and how you should market your business above and beyond your website.


SEO and Social Media


"A website without a marketing plan is a lonely soul. If you build it they might come, but usually not.”
~ BetterBizWorks

Once we've built your website and determined your messaging, we'll work with you to determine the best course to market your website and your business using the proven methods that best fit your needs: Search Engine Marketing, Blogging, Social Media, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Retargeting, or Video Marketing (Youtube).