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In a TEDx talk you can find on Youtube, branding expert Bruce Terkel gives a talk called, “Forget mindfulness. Try nevermindfulness”


He explains how people buy brands,not product. This is relevant to every author, speaker, coach, business owner and entrepreneur.

A brand is not a logo or trademark – “A brand is what people think about you when you’re not around. A brand is why they buy what you’re selling, hire your service, or agree to your argument…

Brands are just as important for first time job seekers or lawyers in litigation as they are for multinational corporations”

How do you build a powerful brand so you can accomplish what you want?


Get rid of the 3 misconceptions that get in your way – misconceptions that we all suffer from:

1) The Myth of Uniqueness – we are taught to be unique – alone – like the hero gunslinger that rides into town in the old westerns – but being unique is not a brand.

2) The Myth of Competency – we all think we have to be the best – ” the best brand is a great product” – something we are told over and over – is nonsense. A great product is just cost of entry – without one, you’re not in business, but just because you do doesn’t mean anyone is interested.

3) The Myth of Mindfullness – it’s not about ourselves and what we can do, it’s not about who we know, it’s about who knows you. Stop thinking about yourself and your brand and start thinking about others.

The only three words you need to know to build a brand are:


The best brands do not make you feel good about them or their products or services – they make you feel good about yourself.

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