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After discussing visual design, page speed, and navigation, let’s move on to the final two elements in this series.


With 60% of searches now being conducted on mobile devices and the proliferation of the tablet and smart phone, mobile friendliness has become a vital part of a great website.

For the creators and owners of websites, this has become a double-edged sword.

It’s far more difficult to design and lay out a site that has three versions instead of one (desktop/laptop, tablet, and phone). You cannot position elements the way you used to and have relative sizes stay the same when the site rearranges itself depending on the device you’re using to view it.

On the other hand, the technology which allows a mobile-friendly (responsive) website to work also forces designers to use open space and large images and video that help create websites that are more effective and eye catching from a marketing standpoint.


The use of text, images, messaging, and the elements such as forms, newsletter signups, shopping components, and calls to action that support the purpose of a website is essential. The sequence in which those elements are presented to the viewer is also extremely important.

Don’t use elements that don’t support the purpose or the message of the website. When you do use them, present them in a sequence designed to interest and motivate the viewer without overwhelming or forcing them to look too much for what might interest them.

An example of sequence is putting a newsletter signup at or near the top of the page. Marketers love to tell you to do that. But why would anyone sign up for a newsletter before they know what you’re about and what you offer? Another is not making statements right at the top of the page that get the viewer emotionally involved, and that let them know what your value is.

According to the designer marketplace Visual Hierarchy, “In the digital world, a website is one of the most important assets any business can have. Businesses that recognize this invest large amounts of money into creating great websites. But even the businesses that can’t afford big investments need to step up their digital game… They can also ensure that they include these traits every great website has to possess.

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