What is Branding?

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This is a question I get asked often. My favorite definition of the word is, “the process of creating a unique image in the minds of others”.

While the visual aspect of branding is very important, it’s not just a logo or color scheme. ‘Image’ is everything people think of when they think of you.

That, of course, includes your logo, your website, your book cover, products, packaging – any part of you or your business people can see. It ALSO includes the concepts, values, judgements and opinions others have of you. Your brand is not just visual; it’s conceptual as well.

The conceptual part of your brand is reflected in the way you behave and speak. It can be seen in what you create when you practice your art or craft. You are unique, and if you capitalize on your distinctiveness, your brand will be unique, too.

Your visual brand should reflect that unique quality, and the two combined will put you in a class by yourself.

Examples: Apple isn’t only the logo, the products, and the way they work. It’s beautiful design, tech-friendliness and cool. Jaguar is not just the jungle cat and the sleek lines. It’s sophistication, luxury and the british accent.

When you have good visual design plus a consistent, identifiable way of presenting yourself to the world, you have an unforgettable brand.