Website Trends Into 2018

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I get asked a lot about where things are going in websites and web design. Above all, the answer is simplicity. This means cleaner, less cluttered layouts, more empty space and fewer words.


With that said, typography becomes far more important: large, bold headlines and blocks of text arranged asymmetrically.


Not just “click to play video” with sound, but background video – video with no sound used instead of a background image, with text overlaid on top – is extremely effective in capturing attention and getting a message across.


Browsers and computers are now more easily than ever able to portray small bits of animation and subtle motions which can avoid being distracting while adding a bit of spice, fun, and interest to a web page.


Finally – and not directly connected to design but extremely important to mention – is the issue of security. We see it happening more and more often. Websites (especially WordPress), email, and your computer itself, are more and more at risk of hacking, infection, and malicious attacks. Some are for profit, some are just people being nasty. Making your hosting and your site itself as safe as possible is not something you should even think about avoiding.

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