Naming And Positioning

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We talked in our last article about Evocative Naming – a name that strikes an emotional chord and differentiates a brand.


Branding IS positioning. The idea is to create an identity – one that rings true, that personalizes you so customers connect with you, and that creates a category of its own (see article on “Owning a word in the customer’s mind”).

If you make “widgets”; so do a lot of other companies. But YOUR widgets have a personality; YOUR widgets are the ones that create a group people want to belong to.


According to Igor, the Naming Agency, “One of most important things that the best of the best brands accomplish is to be thought of as greater than the goods and services offered, to create an aspiration.”

Therefor, a name should have these qualities:
1) Self-propelling – one that people will talk about, that has a story.
2) Emotional Connection – it suggests something, makes you feel something, evokes curiosity.
3) Poetic – it sounds good, rolls off the tongue, is memorable.
4) Personality – it has an attitude, engages, exudes one or more qualities.
5) “Deep Well” – it inspires thought and images, works on different levels.

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