Think for Yourself

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This week’s article was inspired by yet another in a long line of questions I constantly get from clients.


There are a lot of people out there who get paid for giving advice. When you give advice over and over, you tend to try and find things you can tell people that are valuable. After all, you’re getting paid for it. But that forces you into generalizations that unfortunately can end up as stupid advice.


So and so said, “Don’t put frames on your website”. Why? Because frames are not searchable by Google. Yes, but this frame holds a Google Map. It doesn’t need to be searchable.

Such and such said my Social Media icons should be at the top of the page. But you are not active with your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

“I was told I need to have a Sales Letter on my site”. But that’s not appropriate at all for your brand, what your selling, and your market.

I could could go on and on.


When you take advice (even from me!), ask yourself why that is. Google it. Do some research. What is the context and does it apply to you? Rules of thumb are just that. Things that apply to many cases don’t necessarily apply to yours. When I give advice, I always try to say why.

That’s MY advice. If you want to know why, email me at or call me at 646 808 0249. We’ll help you get it right.

Perry Yeldham, 21Thirteen Design