The Conversation

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One of the most famous ideas in the history of marketing is Robert Collier’s quote, “Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.” In essence, good branding does exactly that… or it creates a new conversation the customer is willing and even eager to take part in.


If you agree, the question obviously becomes, “What IS that conversation?”. Here’s a take on getting in on that conversation: it is going to be one of four types of conversations, based on four personality types.


1. Cut to the chase and get to the bottom line – if they need it they’ll buy it.
2. Give them fun and experience – they love images and video – their life will be better because of you.
3. They want to help and make a difference – help them do so.
4. They want logic, statistics, and details – they’ll go for the logical argument.


A well designed home page gives you the chance to present as many as all four of those conversations, and your prospective customer will choose the one that appeals to them.

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