Tell a Story, Part 3

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In last week’s article, we went into using the SUCCESs formula for telling your story in your website. Now let’s talk about how to present that story.


According to Dr. Carmen Simon at Rexi Media, there are three techniques that are key to directing attention and guiding behavior. These techniques can be used to transform presentations and drive desired actions, and they are vital for an effective website.

ATTENTION TRIGGERS: Things that attract and sustain your viewer’s attention.

Viewers forget information because they often don’t pay attention to it in the first place. Use the right triggers and you’ll get audiences to focus where it matters, using techniques such as color, size, and texture to attract attention.

MEMORY MAGNETS: Visual elements (text and graphics) that make your content memorable.

Just because people pay attention doesn’t mean they’ll remember. Memory Magnets include mental models, associations, authenticity, amplification, and repetition that get people to remember your key points.

DECISION DRIVERS: Human motivation drivers that spark action.

You’ve got them to pay attention and remember, but will they act? To influence behavior, you must appeal to human motivational drivers, such as the need for achievement, autonomy, efficiency, excitement, prominence, or freedom from worry.

Take a look at your webs site and see if you can see these three elements at work. If you don’t, email me at or call me at 646 808 0249. We’ll help you get it right.

Perry Yeldham, 21Thirteen Design