Tell a Story, Part 2

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In last weeks article, we discussed the first two steps in the all-important process of telling (and selling) your story. Here is the next step:


In Dan and Chip Heath’s 2007 best-selling book Made to Stick, the authors argue that the most memorable and shared stories contain a consistent set of traits, which they outline in their own “sticky” SUCCESs formula:

1) Simple: A sticky story is one that is easy to grasp and understand almost immediately.

2) Unexpected: Use an unexpected twist to help grab your audience’s attention.

3) Credible: Ideas are infinitely more believable when there are statistics or sources backing your argument.

4) Concrete: People have a hard time grasping abstract concepts. Work to make your solutions as concrete as possible.

5) Emotional: Emotions are what set humans apart. Do your best to tap into the sadness/anger/pain/joy/happiness that your customers will have before and after they do business with you when crafting your message.

6) Stories: People love to share stories; the better the story, the more likely they are to share it. “A service that helps small business with social media” is much less interesting than “a jet that helps small businesses take flight online.”

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Perry Yeldham, 21Thirteen Design