Selling vs. Buying

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“There’s a seismic shift taking place in the world of business. The shift from selling to buying. This shift is enhanced by, accelerated by, and caused by brands.” ~ Al Reis.


When you think about almost all of the internet-based methods of marketing being taught these days – websites, email marketing, blogging, social media, authoring a book, speaking, radio and TV appearances – you will see that what they actually add up to is building a brand – a unique identity in the minds of the public that has value.


Good branding is based on the idea of singularity. The purpose of branding is the creation, on the public stage, of the idea that there is no other product or service on the market quite like yours.


Look at how you shop these days. You go to the store with products lined up on the shelf, or you go online and search through categories of products. Where’s the salesperson? Not there.

There’s no selling going on at the department store or the supermarket – but a lot of buying occurs, doesn’t it? Salesclerks are there to help you find something or to ring up your purchase, but customers, to a very large degree, pick and choose based on brand.

The verbal recommendation of a product by a salesperson – its guarantee, if you will – has been replaced by the brand name. Branding is pre-selling, and is replacing the old paradigm of selling. All the advertising and promotion in the world will do no good if you do not have a unique identity in the minds of the public that has value.

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