Selfie Websites

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One big mistake we see people make, when supplying content to us for their website, is that the content is about them, not their potential clients, customers, or website viewers.

Granted, it can be difficult to step outside of yourself or your business, look in, and see what others should see so that you can achieve the goals you have for your website – that’s part of what a true professional web designer or branding expert does.

Nevertheless, approach it like this:


It’s about the people who look at your site. Of course, the most important person to them is… them! They are, almost without exception, looking to see what you can provide them, how you can help them, how you can solve their problem or ease their pain.

If you’re reading my “bio”, do you really care about where I went to school, what kind of dog I have, or where I grew up? No! What matters is how good a job I can do for you.


– Is your content about you, or your business or clients?
– Are your testimonials about how great you are, or about the results your customers have gotten from you (we call these “Resultimonials” instead of Testimonials).
– Are the colors and logo on your site what you like, or do they represent standards appropriate to your industry or audience?
– Is your content self-authored and not proofread, edited or vetted by a professional?


Use them for your private Social Media. Make sure you end up with a website that is professionally focused and branded for your audience.

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