People Forget

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A great deal of research has gone into determining the fact that people typically forget 90% of content in any kind of presentation. This is as true of a website’s home page as it is of a powerpoint, one-sheet, advertisement, email newsletter, or any other type of presentation.


Neuroscientist Dr. Carmen Simon preaches that three elements make up an effective presentation:

1) Attention Triggers – something that grabs attention and provokes feeling.
2) Memory Magnets – text and graphics that is unusual, unexpected or memorable.
3) Decision Drivers – appeals to human emotional drivers such as “the need for achievement, autonomy, efficiency, excitement, prominence, or freedom from worry.”

Think of number one as a “flashlight” that calls attention to what is important in a message, and number two as a “magnet” that makes it stick in someone’s brain.


Also, according to Dr. Simon, “When you experience something emotional, the brain encodes a marker. Later when you experience something similar, you remember that feeling. These markers can serve as beacons for recall and action. Thus, memorable content includes both reason and emotion.”

This is why we visually brand and design websites with a view to creating and presenting an “Emotional Message” as well as, and even more importantly than, the “Informational Message” that conveys the “facts” of what you want to present to your audience.

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