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I’ve often spoken or written about a brand being like a person. People relate to people better than everything else, and we personify things that we relate to that aren’t people (know anyone who talks to their dog or cat or car or…?!). That’s why creating a brand is like creating a personality.


When we relate to people, it’s called “Interaction”. Getting someone to interact with your website is a vital step in getting them to interact with you. That is really the goal of any website as a marketing tool.


If you can get someone to do one of the two primary interactions that can occur with a web page, you’ve got interaction. The dialog has begun. The word “dialog” is important, because it implies two, not one: you as represented by your website, and your viewer, also known as your potential customer.

Those actions are “click”, and “scroll”. Once you get someone to do either of those two things (instead of leaving your website), your chances of their staying on your website and ultimately interacting with YOU have skyrocketed.


The way you get someone to do either of those two action is to get them interested. Vital to that is the Emotional Message, which I’ve discussed with you many times before; but there is another essential factor (on the Informational Messaging side), and that is giving them enough to get them interested and no more. Give ’em a “teaser” and get them to click on a link to “Read More” or to scroll down the page. Just as in the successful showbiz world, “Leave ’em wanting more.” Give them too much and the interaction ends.

LESS IS MORE is always the rule on the home page of your website. Always.

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