Keep It Simple

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According to Dr. Carmen Simin, “Combining neuroscience and cognitive psychology gives us clues about where attention is processed in the brain, how memories are formed, and how decisions are made. This information can be applied to practical applications, such as making content memorable and actionable.”

This is an extremely important factor in designing a website. Let’s concentrate now on just one factor.


People forget things when you present too much information. Studies show that unless your viewer finds your key points easy to remember, they won’t look at your content favorably. This concept is called “cognitive ease.“


How often have you seen long paragraphs of text on a home page? How often do you read it all? If you have blocks of text on your home page instead of a sentence or two here and there, well separated by space, you are not getting your message across.


When you keep content focused on a few easy-to remember messages, especially on a home page, your viewers will enjoy more and you greatly increase your chances of prompting your audience to engage you.

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