I Don’t Care About You

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How many times have you heard the phrase, “People buy based on emotion”? If you’re trying to educate yourself on the road to being successful, then the answer probably is, “A lot”. The reason for that is that it’s true.

As in so many other things, it was Apple that pioneered the art of emotional branding. Google has followed suit, and so has just about every other successful company. People buy based on emotions, people buy brands, and good branding is based on leveraging emotions.


Here’s a list of emotions used in brand strategies, developed by a top marketing research company:

Love and a sense of belonging

The same company published a list of desires rooted in emotion and included desire:

For freedom and independence
To be leader or first
For instant gratification
To be trendy or cool
To get a good deal or value for your money
For more free time


The common factor to these two lists is that they are egocentric. The consumer does not really care about your brand. If I’m a consumer, I don’t care about you.

“Consumers don’t care about brands. They only care how brands can help them, solve their problems, make their lives easier or better, and satisfy their emotional needs. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that emotional branding is so powerful.”

When it comes to branding, keep that in mind. Or rather, take it to heart.

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