The History Of Branding, Part IV

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After discussing branding as a means of guaranteeing quality, of humanizing products, of expressing yourself, and brands as an experience, we talked about the need humans have to feel they are part of a group during a period jn our history of rampant social isolation.

In terms of media, we can see that Wave 1 started with print media and moved into radio, Wave 2 was in the age of TV and Wave 3 coincided with color TV. Wave 4 was part of the age of the cell phone, and now we have Wave 5 as part of the Internet Age.


Wave 5 is the wave of the Limbic Brand. The Limbic system is the area of the brain that houses emotion, motivation, behavior and long-term memory.

Now, brands have become connectors. A brand is a way to foster the ability to create mutual experiences, share or relate. It allows our brains to resonate harmoniously with others. A good brand, in the era of social media, has become a way to belong. It helps people feel connected.

Brands have now become a way to make a difference in people’s lives and make them feel part of something bigger. In the Information Age, brands guarantee connection.

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