The History Of Branding, Part II

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In my last article, I talked about the first two major waves of branding, back when a brand was the only way to get consistency and quality, and later when brands became “people” – they were associated with characters such as Betty Crocker or Uncle Ben. This second wave created the condition of people identifying with a brand in the way they might identify with a person.

WAVE 3: 1965-1985

During wave 3, a brand became for the first time something that could provide status. Your choice of a brand became a way of saying something about yourself and who you are. If you wore Levi’s jeans or Nike sneakers, or smoked Marlboros, or drove a Volkswagen, it helped identify you and what kind of person you were. You could truthfully say that the brands you used became a statement about who you wanted other people to think you were.

WAVE 4: 1985-2005

In this last wave before the present one, brands became an experience. People anticipated an emotional transformation just by virtue of being engaged with a brand. This is extremely powerful stuff, but the most successful brands achieved it. You didn’t just expect quality or relate to a brand or make a statement about yourself with a brand, you literally changed yourself by engaging with a brand. Does this ring true for you when you think about Apple, Disney, Starbucks or Harley-Davidson?


In my next article we’ll talk about WAVE 5 and the present day, and what brands mean to us now.

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