Facebook VS. Pinterest

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Facebook users spend around 60 Billion minutes a month on the social media site. Youtube comes in a distant second at around 10 Billion. In a given month, Facebook will be viewed by more than 750 Million unique visitors, while Twitter, the next largest, comes in at around 150 Million.


While Facebook, by default and on purpose, lends itself to advertising, Twitter, Youtube and many others do not. Another social media platform that does work well for advertising is Pinterest.


While Facebook can be very visual, it’s actually text based. It’s used for messaging. Pinterest, on the other hand, is primarily visual. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visually showcasing your brand is more powerful than talking about it.


While Pinterest lags behind Facebook in most numbers, its growth rate is 18 times faster than Facebook’s. More importantly, it MAY be a better advertising platform. Pinterest is currently responsible for 41% of all e-commerce traffic. It drives more than double what Facebook does. The average value per order on Facebook is $80. For Pinterest it is $179. Over 70% of Pinterest fans use it to get inspiration on what to buy, compared to Facebook’s 17%.


The choice depends on a number of factors. Does your brand lend itself to the visual or not? What is your demographic? What’s your advertising budget? One platform is the behemoth, the other has more concentrated effectiveness. Facebook will reach more people, Pinterest may be more effective when it does reach someone.

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