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Upon meeting someone for the first time, anyone would expect an interaction to take place. You shake hands or speak, and expect the other person to shake back or say something back to you. If this didn’t occur, not much else would after that, wouldn’t you agree?


Any good brand should have many of the characteristics a person would. It has an identity, something you can relate to. It is something you interact with and, like a friend, both gives value and receives value in return. Think of how you feel about a brand you like. A good brand has a personality and is something you feel good about interacting with. The key word here is “feel”.


When a brand is represented by the “Home Page” of a website (think of it as the “face” of your brand – these days, very often the very first glimpse someone has of your brand), your success depends on the viewer interacting with you. No interaction, and the viewer does not become your customer or your follower.


Simple as it may seem, the very first interaction you want to create is someone using their mouse to scroll down your page. It is a subconscious phenomena; the act of scrolling down the page is the first step of an interaction that you hope will result in converting the viewer into a fan. If that interaction does not occur, nothing else follows.

How do you do that? Give them something that grabs their interest, makes them curious, intrigues them, makes them want to know more. Most importantly, give them something that evokes a feeling.

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