Brands Make People Think Something Is Worth Paying For

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Trademarks Registration Act, Jan 1 1876 – Bass ale – Renoir

Wave 1 1875-1920
Quality & Consistency – Ivory Soap, Campbells Soup, Quaker Oats
Print, Radio

Wave 2 1920-1965
Character endorsed brands
Betty Crocker, Uncle Ben, Morton Salt girl, Snap, Crackle and Pop, Tony the Tiger
relate to/real/radio voice

(Wave 1 = functional, Wave 2 = emotional)

Wave 3 1965-1985
Brands as self-expressive statements
The brands I use become a statement about who I want you to think I am
Levi’s, Nike, Marlboro, Volkswagen
for first time: status
color tv

Wave 4 1985-2005 brands as an experience
you anticipate and emotional transformation just by virtue of being engaged with that brand
Apple, Starbucks, Disney
cell phone

Wave 5 2005-present – Limbic Brands
The Limbic system is the area of the brain that houses emotion, motivation, behavior and long-term memory.
social isolation
The average person will spend approximately 116 minutes – nearly two hours – on social media every day, which translates over an average lifetime to 5 years and 4 months. This beats time spent eating, drinking, socializing or grooming.
brands guarantee connection

Websites should connect mentally and emotionally
Credibility & Memorability

Dominant Selling Idea & Microscript (built on DSI) – story
not what you say its what people hear/repeat