Branding Responsibilty

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As a branding company, our responsibility is to create a brand that represents you. Your responsibility is to represent that brand.

You and/or your company has a brand, whether you know it or not, whether you consciously create it and maintain it or not.

A brand is what people think about you – the thoughts and feelings they have when hearing or seeing your name. Your logo, the colors and types of images you use, the things you say and how you say them – these influence attitudes and opinions about you or your company.

By thinking carefully about how you represent yourself, what your brand is, and how it integrates with what you offer, you can strongly influence how people perceive you. Being consistent connotes professionalism, purpose and stability.


None of this matters if you do not uphold the promise of your brand. If your products or services do not live up to the image portrayed by your brand – if people expect a positive experience based on your brand and you deliver a negative one – your brand will fail.

Our responsibility is to work with you to define what your BRAND FACE is (what it looks like) and what your BRAND VOICE IS (what it says and how it says it), and help you deliver it.

Your responsibility is to deliver a customer experience, before, during and after each interaction with you, that lives up to the image we help you create.

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Perry Yeldham, 21Thirteen Design