Emotional Branding

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A man named Marc Gobé is credited with the creating the idea of Emotional Branding 20 years ago. His observation that connections can take place on an emotional level between people and brands has been borne out by research and practice since that time.

Customers relate to brands they feel reflect their emotional identity. When an emotional connection exists, people are far more likely to engage and stay engaged with a brand.


I believe it’s self-evident that an emotional attachment to a brand is not dissimilar to an attachment to another person. No one gets attached to another person who does not care about them, and a company that cares about YOU is going to earn your trust and your loyalty.

Therefor every point of communication between a brand and its customers – customer relations, online content and social media engagement – should reflect that dedication to a customers emotional needs.


According to smartinsights.com, “Discerning and defining your target audience’s core emotional need is the most important aspect of emotional branding. It is vital to communicate this insight through all your internal and external communications.” The first step in branding is always distilling what emotion you want to target in your audience.

This is what we call your “Emotional Message”, and if you get it right with your potential customers, you can count them in. If you deliver the implied promise of that message, you can count them in for the long haul.

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