How to Use Mailchimp

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Almost every one of our clients wants or needs a way for people to sign up for a newsletter or a “free something” – what many call an “ethical bribe”. If you want to grow your business, your readership or your membership, you need a way to collect “identities” – people’s email addresses – to market to, and the usual way to do this is to invite people to give you their email address.

Once you start collecting email addresses you can send out newsletters, announcements, news or offers to your mailing list with one click by using a 3rd party email program. There are many, and most have the same features and the same costs for basic email marketing. The list includes Constant Contact, Aweber, iContact, MadMimi, Mailpoet, and many more. I usually recommend Mailchimp.


The reason i recommend Mailchimp for most people starting out is that has basically the same capabilities and features and the same costs as the other providers, but the first 2,000 identities are free. They also have good documentation – with a little bit of searching in their help section you can find how-to articles that are well written and useful on just about anything – and, well… I like their branding!

For absolute newbies, the documentation in their help section is excellent and their user interface is well designed, but I still get lots of questions on how to use it, so for everyone who’s never used a 3rd party email/newsletter provider before and wants to try Mailchimp, here’s a great video to get you started:

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